Keeping Fast Food Fast for Nearly 40 Years

We were the first to introduce the wireless drive-thru headset system for quick-service restaurants. Today we lead in QSR communication and timer system installations with more installations worldwide than all other manufacturers combined in over 140 countries.

ZOOM Nitro® Gamification

Whether you want to improve service times and car count for a single store or for an entire drive-thru enterprise, the ZOOM Nitro system has all the tools you need to achieve your goals. Keep drive-thru performance exciting and engaging with fun gaming features like contests, awards, real-time feedback, and smack talk!

Why Gamification?

Game-based engagement works. Companies that use gamification to motivate employees see about a 48% increase in employee engagement with 90% of employees being more productive. ZOOM Nitro Gamification is designed using game psychology to make the day-to-day restaurant tasks fun. When employee performance improves, store performance improves.

What People are Saying About ZOOM Nitro Gamification

Learn how restaurant operators across the nation are using ZOOM Nitro Gamification to motivate their crews, improve speed of service, increase car counts and deliver a great drive-thru customer experience.

Testimonial: Putting Fun Back into the Restaurant

If It’s Not Wideband, It’s Not HD

EOS | HD® is the industry’s only drive-thru headset system with patented HD Audio and Wideband technology. Our innovative technology dramatically reduces background noise and expands the audio bandwidth. Order takers and customers alike will experience true voice clarity, resulting in improved order accuracy and faster speed of service.

What People are Saying About HD Audio

Learn how HD Audio and ZOOM Timers proved to be the perfect combination for better, faster service for an Owner Operator and his team. 

Testimonial: A One-Two Punch for Speed of Service

About HME Hospitality & Specialty Communications

HME is celebrating 50 years as a leading provider of innovative communication products and services. Founded in 1971, HME was the first to introduce the wireless drive-thru headset system to the restaurant industry. Today, our solutions are paving the way for a new era of restaurant operations and redefining the customer experience. Our patented Wideband HD Audio continues to deliver an unmatched voice clarity for drive-thru communication. HME drive-thru optimization systems are reenergizing crews and maximizing business growth worldwide with innovative game-based engagement. Every day, restaurants in over 140 countries fulfill more than 30 million orders using our systems. HME offers a wide range of quality solutions for drive-thru, in-store, curbside pickup, and retail operations backed by full services and support.


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