Knowledge Touch

Knowledge Touch provides 9,000+ McDonald’s restaurants with scheduling and operations execution solution for less than 1 Big Mac per day.
No startup costs, simple FREE pilot with your data.
Easy to use, See and Test to evaluate.

McD Global certified scheduling solution
24/7 support structure through Service Café
Cloud VLH compliant & EOTF ready
Full integration with NP6, RFM, McD GDW, MyStore, ROIP

Schedules done in MINUTES
Labor Law compliant, Fair Work Week compliant

iOS and Android compatible mobile apps
for crew & manager communications on
availability, leave, schedules, swaps, open shifts

Scheduling Staff and Operations Execution
•KT uses self-generated forecasts with 8 weeks trailing data, special days (promos, nearby events, etc) and AI/Optimization techniques to build a labor forecast at a granularity of every 15 minutes, of what has to happen in each restaurant.
•KT assesses available Crew Members (Training, Availability, etc) to build the most efficient schedule for the next week, 2 weeks, or the Manager defined scheduling periods.
•KT enables quick changes to schedules due to Crew personal issues, etc.
•All new schedules are generated automatically within 10 minutes (for a large restaurant)
•Total Management time setting up GREAT schedules – 2 hours per week
•All schedules compliant with Federal, State, County, City Labor laws as well as MCD and Franchisee policies

•KT provides schedules that give the Crew Members exact station assignments throughout their shift (of course, Managers may modify during execution for changing Shift circumstances.)
•KT provides for STAFF POOLING, Franchisee may use trained Crew for a Group of restaurants to cover shift requirements over several restaurants with the Combined Restaurants’ Staffs


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Palo Alto, CA. 94301
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