Mil-tek USA Recycling & Waste Solutions

Recycling with Benefits
Located in hundreds of McDonald’s restaurants across the country, Mil-tek USA is a premier partner of the Golden Arches for cutting waste costs, reducing stat loss, and increasing overall Back of House efficiency. Mil-tek USA Recycling & Waste Solutions produces the smallest balers and trash compactors in the business, all with cutting edge air-powered technology from our production line in Denmark. Watch the video below to see our most popular waste solution in action.

Streamlined Workflow
Mil-tek balers and trash compactors compact all forms of packaging and general trash at source, enabling a better use of space and creating a safer, more efficient workflow.
Uncompacted trash quickly fills empty dumpsters, leading to more frequent hauls and spiraling waste costs. By compacting trash in a small-footprint Mil-tek compactor, multiple weekly collections can be reduced to just one.
Leaner, free-flowing trash handling provides a better working environment for staff and sends a positive message to your customers.

Safety Guaranteed
Trash handling in Quick Serve Restaurants is performed daily by a diverse group of employees of a varying age and background and often include a large number of short-term staff.

Mil-tek balers and compactors are safe and easy to operate with in-built safety mechanisms. Users require only a short training session during installation to operate the machine and to train their colleagues.
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