SafeDEPOSIT provides a comprehensive managed service in the smart-safe/provisional credit space that is truly unique in the industry. SafeDEPOSIT encourages clients to bank wherever they want and chose any Armored Carrier they prefer – we are built to accommodate and manage it all. We provide our clients all the employee safety, cash-flow, operational, and time-saving benefits expected with a smart-safe/provisional credit program while managing all the less pleasant components (Armored Carriers, smart-safe hardware service/maintenance plans to name a couple). SafeDEPOSIT now provides service to hundreds of QSR sites nationwide – continuing to pull clients from the traditional service model provided by a Bank and an Armored Carrier partner because we put the client experience above all else. We didn’t reinvent the wheel, we just perfected it. Welcome to SafeDEPOSIT.


Direct Contacts:
  • Chris Block