Universal Atlantic Systems, Inc.

As a McDonald’s Approved Security Provider, UAS services thousands of McDonald’s stores nationwide and we are extremely knowledgeable about what is important to Operators and have designed our systems to meet these needs. We provide the stores with CCTV, Alarm and Fire Monitoring systems and each is custom configured for every store. Most important to operators recently have been two key items: (1) The ability for our Apex CCTV system to integrate with your QSRSoft Security package and provide you with the video corresponding to the transaction in question, with just the click of a button on your QSRSoft interface. Many Operators are using this currently and are experiencing tremendous results in catching and stopping fraudulent POS transactions. (2) With the recent upswing in store robberies nationwide, we have installed Alarm systems in stores that did not have the need for these systems in the past. Most importantly, many of the Safe companies “guarantee” and insure their safes with the condition of the store having a working alarm system but do not cover losses or damage if a system is not in place. Stores that were previously 24 hour did not have to worry about this but may want to check their Safe contract language now and think about installing an Alarm system to ensure coverage and protect their stores.


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