Wise Building Ecosystems

Pack-A-Drum helps McDonald’s owner/operators improve their bottom line profits from finding YOUR hidden profits in their waste & energy processes.

WISE Building ECOSystems from Pack-A-Drum

Who we are and what we’re about!

A Dedicated Team helping businesses REDUCE WASTE and ELECTRICAL USAGE within their buildings to GROW their PROFITS.

Pack-A-Drum was launched in 1991 in Satellite Beach Florida to help reduce waste hauling and recycling costs for our 5 Miami Subs restaurants. We turn trash into cash for our clients using our Patented Systems. We reduce guest slip and fall risks, workers-comp injuries, and lower insurance rates. We noticed that employees were moving trash by hand dripping them everywhere and spending more time cleaning their MESS up. Clients did not know this caused risk and wasted time by employees. So, we started the program WASTESAFE with standard operating procedures to move waste and protect our client’s hard-earned profits. Once implemented, our clients started to tell us they had reduced slips/falls by guests and employees. This led to reduced insurance claims and lowered their insurance rates for coverage.

WISE Building ECOSystems is the result of all the lessons we’ve accumulated over the 30 plus years of finding hidden profits for thousands of businesses – our founders collective 165 + years of experience in business, strategic partnering, and finding waste within companies in many areas. These areas include waste & recycling, HVAC energy savings, insurance & workers comp, internal theft, current HVAC extended life, and extended 5-year warranty coverage.

Does energy efficiency improve cash flow?
Choosing the right strategic partner for a business’s energy efficiency project can improve cash flow and eliminate any upfront costs for building owners and building leaseholders. All our energy efficiency projects will yield immediate cost savings in the form of lower utility bills, tax deductions (in the following year of install… more on that later), energy company rebates, state & county rebates all of which has a positive impact on cash flow. Additionally, when Energy Efficiency as a Service for You, Building Management Systems, and Air Sanitation projects are combined, owners and managers are much more likely to experience energy savings, R&M reductions, reduced employee sick time, and extended use of current HVAC invested equipment.

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